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Joining The Fleet

As Blue Cabs Ltd has been in the business for over 50 years we are one of the longest and busiest taxi companies that in the Dublin area. We can handle over 20000 bookings a week these vary from corporate blue-chip clients to hotels, restaurants and the general public.

Currently Blue Cabs has a list of drivers waiting to join our fleet, which shows we are one of the leading companies in the taxi industry. We strive to maintain the highest possible standard from call taking to delivery of service.

  • We offer the first week�s freight free upon joining Blue Cabs Ltd and unlimited holidays to be taken at the driver�s discretion (If you don't work you don't pay.)
  • We have a good mixture of cash and account business and pride ourselves on providing quality work to our drivers.
  • Drivers safety is a priority and so provide in car security for your protection and peace of mind
  • All bookings are dispatched using our automated GPS dispatch system so every driver gets a fair and equal opportunity
  • Our office has an open door policy so drivers are welcome any time with queries
For further information please call Keith on 8678502 or e-mail